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Hi! I’m Jess. I help brands turn their audience into brand evangelists using only my words. In short: I make your business life WAY easier simply by being in it. 

Web Pages

Your website is your brand’s virtual home. We’ll work together to make sure that your content makes your virtual home feel just as warm and welcoming as you are. 

Copy Coaching

Sometimes, you want to do it yourself, you just need a little professional support. That’s where I come in. We will work together to help you learn to craft your own content so you don’t have to fear the ‘publish’ button anymore. 


Email Marketing

A consistent email strategy is crucial in turning a casual shopper into a lifelong devotee. But… how do you get in that inbox? Don’t worry. I got you. 

Creative Copywriting

“I don’t know, it just needs… something.” We’ve all felt that way about content at one point or another. Whether you need a new witty sign off, or some snarky microcopy to jazz up a product description, I’m here to help.


Blog Articles

Ah, the blog. Such a valuable SEO vehicle, and writing one that people actually want to READ once they’re there? That’s what I rock at. 

Celebrate your brand!

Goodness knows I’m gonna.

Your brand should be celebrated.

When you hire a copywriter to work with your brand, make sure you are hiring one who not only understands what you’re about, but is excited about it! When I fall in love with a brand, I learn all I can about the brand’s history, customer base, workplace culture, you name it. If there is something there to learn, I’m going to find it, and I’m going to celebrate it. 

Face First.

Face first, here we go!

Once I’m in, I’m IN. Utilizing my 5 point process, I dive deep into the work that needs doing in order to get results that deliver. 

The party doesn’t have to end. 

Occasionally, saying “goodbye” at the end of a project is just… wrong. For clients that need more Jess more frequently, I am happy to offer a monthly retainer service. That ensures that you have dibs on space in my brain, even after our initial work is concluded. 

Let me help you transform your audience into loyal brand evangelists.


Jessica is a dream come true. She has saved me so many hours trying to put together tons of eloquent yet personable copy for my brand. I am able to keep moving everything forward because she nails it every time.

Ashley Diamond-Siegert, Owner @ A. Diamond Productions 

For any business looking to place a higher priority on the words they choose to show the world, look no further than Jessica. To get the best result, Jessica knew exactly what needed to happen from the initial set up processes to the final delivery. Despite how good my ideas may have been, I've always struggled at how to communicate them on paper. Jessica and her copywriting have helped me speak with my audience better than ever. She feels the message I'm trying to convey for my brand then masterfully crafts an interesting, understandable piece that's easy for anyone to read. After working together the engagement from my audience has increased and my brand's voice is developing into the type of company customers identify with.

Tyler Eidson, REALTOR® with League Real Estate

As a fellow copywriter, I can say without a doubt that Jess has incredible talent. Her writing is empathetic, engaging, and wonderfully hilarious (when appropriate)! To top things off, working with her is a complete joy. Hire this amazing woman! She'll write words you wish you wrote.

Renae Rockwell CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

Renae Rockwell
Renae Rockwell

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