Who is this glitter obsessed woman who is occupying this here corner of the internet? I am a former opera singer turned actor turned dance teacher, who just happens to also be a kick-ass copywriter. I LOVE using words to help drive online traffic to your business. It’s my favorite thing. 

That’s a lie. I have kids, and they’re actually my favorite thing. 

And now that you know I have kids, you’ve probably deduced that coffee and wine are next in line for favorite. You’re smart. I like you. 

But sending online traffic your way and helping you convert leads is pretty high up there on the list of things I love. I have a knack for connecting with clients, helping you not only rebrand your business, but finding out what it is that makes you sparkle. Once we’ve worked together to find your sparkle, I help you use your newly found shimmer to drive consumer traffic to your door. It’s my gift, finding the things in other people that sets them apart and makes them special. And I’m very good at it.  

Questions? Concerns? Want to know how I can help? Talk to me.

cropped-Just-call-me-your-angel.jpgJust call me angel of the morning, baby. 

Don’t actually. We’ve only just met. That’d be weird. 

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