I’ve seen it play out time and time again: a new business doesn’t know why they aren’t getting people in the door to buy The Thing, and then at the last hour, boss(wo)man hires a strategist and then magic starts happening. New business not only has clients, but so many that they have to hire more hands!

When launching a business, there are a myriad of factors to consider: location, clientele, manufacturing, POS software (and hardware!), the list is endless. The amount of work that has to be done to break even is INSANE, and often leaves new business owners contemplating a career as a tap-dancing bee-keeper. More and more frequently, new companies are outsourcing their marketing to someone outside of the visual scope of their business from the get go. That may sound like an egregious expense for a new business owner, but it’s actually one of the best business decisions you can make. It’s up there with hiring an accountant.

No, really. I’m serious. I’m not just saying that so that you’ll hire me, (but if you wanna, by all means!). One of the number one things you can do for your new business is to hire a marketing strategist that wasn’t a part of the original “dream on a napkin” concept. A copywriter who is outside of the original conceptualizing of your business will see things that you don’t. They’ll see what it is about your business that make your eyes light up, and your knees go all cattywampus*. Still don’t believe me? Here are my top 5 reasons you should hire a copywriter to frame your marketing for you.

Jess’s Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

1. To help you establish industry authority.  Writing content that establishes your business as the de-facto authority on all things YOU is no easy feat… unless you’re a copywriter. Whether it’s content for your website (we can build it for you too!), or a simple flier, every last bit of marketing you put out needs to frame you as THE expert in your field. Finding someone to help you do that is imperative.

2. To run your social media. It’s easy to write off necessary social media marketing as no big deal. I mean, we’re all online all the time, so it’s simple to just throw up a post every now and then, right? Wrong. Strategizing, scheduling, and interacting with your audience online all take away from valuable time that you could be putting into running your business.

3. To craft your message. It’s one thing to know what you mean, but saying it in a way that will catch the eye (and wallet) of consumers is a whole ‘nother ballgame. A copywriter will work with you to help you cultivate exactly what it is that you need to put out “there” for the ideal consumer to hear.

4. To do your research and analyze your data. Ok, so they aren’t necessary on board to test a new product for you. But they do their market research very well, and will help you hone in on where you will get the most bang for your marketing buck. Also, unless you’re a marketing strategist, nothing about Google analytics gets you all hot and bothered. But when observed over time, those boring little numbers can make a big difference.

5. So you can run your business. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s really easy to see the cost of bringing on a copywriter and think that it’s an easy place to trim the budget. Not if you want traffic coming to your door it isn’t! Copywriters come in all shapes and sizes, but our goals are largely the same: to increase the amount of business you have coming to your door, and to make your life easier. A good copywriter can be the difference between your business breaking even in it’s first year, and you going back to your old job at the family restaurant.

Don’t wait until you’re bailing water out of a lifeboat. When analyzing your start-up plan, allocate funds for a copywriter. A writer worth their salt will help you not only bring traffic to your door, but will have them ready to part with their money before they’re even at your threshold. Be smart. Do the thing.

*I’m a Texan. That’s a word here, I promise.

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