A friend of mine recently asked me what exactly it was that I did as a copywriter. She was afraid of hurting my feelings by doing so, but she didn’t! I actually really appreciated it (psssst. Amy. Thank you!!!). That got me thinking that more people than just my friends (who are awesome, btw) might be confused about what it is I do in my business.

So… what do I do, exactly?

Long story short: I write the words.

Long story long: I help businesses increase their revenue by streamlining their marketing message. That can mean any number of things, from sitting down with business owners and crafting their mission statement, to creating content for their social media. I write many things, including:

  • Blog posts (SEO is the bestie, yo)
  • Emails (newsletters, blasts, welcome sequences)
  • Social media content (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Web content (landing pages, bios, about pages, etc)
  • Ghostwriting (your name stays on it, I just make it prettier)
  • Ad copy (running an ad? Lemme at it!)

Along with any of the above comes hefty amounts of research, surveys, finger crossing, first drafts, revisions, proof-reading, frantic calls to fellow writers for feedback, more revising, hair pulling, hair tossing, more proof-reading, and that’s all before you get the final product!

If you are a business owner looking to increase your revenue, I help you do that. If you are an entrepreneur trying to hone in on the message behind your product, I help you do that. If you are a busy professional human who needs someone else to handle social media for your small business, I help you do that. If your business needs re-branding, I help with that. I write the words, yes. But it’s so much more than that. It’s marketing, plain and not-so-simple. And I love it!

Are you a business owner looking for marketing help? Hit me up at jessica@copysparkle.com

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