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Web Pages

Your website is the virtual home for your business or brand, and visitors are far more likely to be return guests when that home feels warm and welcoming. Whether you need one or two pages, or a complete overhaul of your site, we’ll make your virtual home is its shimmering best. 

Rates begin at $300/page

email marketing

Email marketing is the foundation upon which the modern brand builds its business. Achieving a minimum bounce rate, positive click-thru rate, and increased conversion doesn’t happen by waving a magic wand, but we can get you there.

Rates begin at $150/email with a 3 email minimum.

Blog articles

Ah, the blog article. Blog articles (or, “blarticles”) are how I cut my teeth as a copywriter. Whether you need regular posts for your business page, or the occasional one-off for whatever reason (an impending product launch, guest blogging, etc); I am ready to jump in and craft a post for your business or brand.

Rates begin at $250 for an 800 word post.

Creative copywriting

Maybe you need to find a way to make your sales page a little more reader friendly. Maybe you need someone to craft your signature sign off, or to take captioning your Instagram images off of your plate. Whatever it is you need help phrasing, I am here to help you make it shine.

Rates begin at $75/hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Copy Coaching

I frequently work with clients who want to write their own copy, they just need a little extra support in their corner. The way this works, is that we have a set recurring-meeting time where I check in with you, and look over any content you are wanting to publish. I’ll work with you to make sure that your content is what it needs to be in order for it to accomplish what you need, pushing you towards the goal of being able to independently write and publish your own content.

Rates begin at $150/month.

Monthly retainer

For clients who need consistent support, or want to outsource newsletters, weekly blog posts, etc; this is the best option. Having a monthly retainer agreement with me means that you pay me upfront for an agreed upon amount of work per month. Being on a monthly retainer plan comes with the bonus of ensuring that you are at the top of my priority list every month. I always make sure that I am able to meet the needs of my retainer clients before taking on new clients.

Rates begin at $1500/month for a minimum of 3 months of service.

Your copy should shine.
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