How does this work?

Simple! We use my 5 point process to get the job done, and create the results you need. 

The ‘Sparkle On’ Process


1. Celebrate!

I begin projects by sending you a questionnaire. I want to get down to the bare bones about what makes you come alive, and why you love your business. We’ll find gems, and celebrate the journey that brought you to my virtual doorstep.


2. Explore

This is where I jump into research. If you have case studies, I’ll want to look them over. I may put a survey or two into the field, or ask to chat with a few employees. All things that we’ll use to help inform the final product. 

3. Compare notes

I love this part. This is where I get to compile all of that data, and find what is similar, and what is different. What are people saying, and what is showing up consistently. This is where we are able to hone in on the core of what your messaging needs to sound like.  

Pause: Drink the coffee

Honestly, the coffee is important. But this step was mostly included because the world needed to see that picture of me about to destroy a cake. 

4. Dive in

This is actually my favorite phase. Drafting. I love it so much! During this phase, we will have a check in so that you can see the direction we’re moving in, and can point out anything you do/don’t like about what you see. We’ll check in again when I deliver your final product. 

5. Enjoy

Once the final product is delivered and approved, it’s time to implement and enjoy! I will circle back to make sure that everything is working properly, and that is where we will bid farewell until the next project.

Words are magic. 

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